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How the unique proven system called
"A Practical Guide To Deciding Whether Or Not To Get A Divorce" came about.

This page contains the literal account of how this decision making system about deciding about getting a divorce or staying married, was born.

You can use this unique system (as hundreds of other people have) to make the decision that is best for you. The information on this page should be sufficient for you to happily decide to use this system. Of course, you can always go back to the main page and read further for more information...I encourage you to do so if you need to find out more, but I've found through testing that doing so usually isn't necessary, the information on this page suffices 90% of the time for people to use this system.

Moving on...

Now, for a look back at a specific time frame in my life that brought me here and can help you improve your life today...

A few years ago I was in a similar situation to the one you are in right now because I couldn't decide whether I should stay married or not.

My marriage was "on the rocks" and I felt miserable.

My work suffered, my relationships with family and friends were flailing, and sleep was a luxury.

Life wasn't what I wanted it to be...in fact, it was torture.

It wasn't the fact that my spouse and I weren't getting along that was so bad, it was the fact that I was in limbo which is really a 'negative stagnation'.

In 'limbo' means you ignore the problem, time passes, it only gets worse...'limbo' is a place where you don't want to be, and I was definitely there.

As I said earlier, I was living in indecision...I was living in "marital limbo" which was unhealthy - I didn't enjoy my life and I felt I rightfully deserved to.

I couldn't deal with that indecision, it wasted too much time, time I didn't have...I felt that I was wasting my time. After all I thought, "I've only got 70-80 years or so to live!".

I wasn't myself, and was confused about what to do next. I'd always been a person who had a plan and was relatively centered.

But, because of my marital situation, my clarity was pretty much gone and my usual "confident self" was dulled by the dealings of my "everyday".

I dreaded seeing, interacting with, and communicating with my spouse.

(This isn't one sided, I imagine she felt the same about me!)

This went on for months and months. And, the longer this went on, the worse it got.

The situation certainly wasn't "self-correcting" and I knew if I remained idle and did nothing, then nothing would change, I'd be stuck in the same unhealthy situation I was in.

I knew I had to make a decision for myself, for my own well-being, for my happiness. It wasn't necessarily anyone's fault, but I knew in my gut that I had to do something about it.

I knew I needed to take a honest and thorough look at the state of my marriage in order to make a decision, one way or the other, regardless of the outcome.

In simple and clear terms, I knew I had to take action.

Here's what I finally did:

One hot Saturday afternoon in Florida (yes, I still remember the exact day and all the details) I sat down all alone at a friend's house where I was "living" at the time, and figured it out.

  • I soul searched.
  • I did a serious and tough "gut check".
  • I asked myself hard and frightening questions that I had been avoiding asking myself.
  • I self reflected on a deeper level than I had ever reached before.
  • I prioritized what was important to me, no one else.

    ...I looked long and hard at my situation.

After I confirmed that I needed to make a decision one way or another, I knew things would be different forever.

Admitting that I needed to make a decision turned out to be the first step in my becoming happy again and truly changed my life for the better, forever.

Actually 'deciding to decide' was a tremendous emotional lift for me.

It turned out that my indecision was being fostered by what I didn't know. And, what I didn't know was, I didn't know how to decide.

I didn't know how to decide because I had conflicting feelings about my situation.

I had feelings (emotions) that were overpowering that couldn't be ignored but I also knew that I had to include logical thought into the process as well, or else wisdom through reason would never come about.

The following thought was, by far, the most important thought I had that hot day in Florida because it started a clear decision making process that changed my life forever.

I thought to myself...

"I've got gut feelings about all this that are truly emotional which can't possibly be a good thing to focus on alone...but, my sense of logic just keeps nagging at me.

There's got to be some cross section of reason that is made up of my emotion AND logic that will lead me to my correct path, now I just have to find it!"

Once I realized this, everything changed instantly.

This realization was what lead me to the system that hundreds of people, like you and I, have used to make a good decision...and that decision has been made by themselves AND for themselves.

I carefully mapped out a detailed plan of attack to decide what was best for me which included things that I could actually do rather than just think about in order to decide whether to stay married or get a divorce.

I labeled these things that I should do in order to decide, "Action Items".

These "Action Items" are thought provoking psychological exercises that helped me organize my thoughts and feelings so that I could separate the emotion from logic.

Separating emotion from logic then allowed me to prioritize the details into reason. And "reason" through self-reflection and action, equates to wisdom.

This "wisdom" was the "key to the puzzle" and still is to this day, for me, for you, for anyone who is in this situation!

This wisdom allowed me to decide, definitively, what was best for me and act accordingly so I could be happy. This "wisdom" came as a result of reflection that are the "Action Items".

These "Action Items" make up a thought provoking process for lucid decision making about getting a divorce or staying married that is proven to work.

These "Action Items", and the process that supports them, are what make up the unique 'decision-making' system in "A Practical Guide To Deciding Whether Or Not To Get A Divorce".

This process, which led to true wisdom, helped me (and hundreds of people since) make a good decision, regain clarity, and get peace of mind about that decision...and this is exactly what you need in order to be happy.

So, to put myself in your place again...

If I were in your shoes I'd be curious to know...

"How does this system help me figure out my situation?"

Suffice it say, it does.

* But, I don't expect you to blindly take my word for it,
experts in this field agree - please keep reading...

Why does this system apply to your situation?

It applies because human beings have common thought processes due to the way the human brain works, and this system utilizes thought processes we all use to decide...

The uniqueness of the system is defined by applicable general tactics you'll use to stimulate your brain AND the "Action Items" that are based on the specific question that you are asking yourself, "Should I Get A Divorce?".

These "Action Items" in "A Practical Guide To Deciding Whether Or Not To Get A Divorce" will work for you because these "Action Items" are based on basic human psychology in answering the question, "Should I Get A Divorce?" rather than a generic situation about any decision.

So, to re-iterate...the "Action Items" are specific to anyone who is wondering whether or not getting a divorce is right for them...and that includes you!

Marriage counselors and professional relationship coaches agree, there are common threads to making a decision about deciding whether or not to get a divorce or to end a romantic relationship.

And those common threads are what will allow you to make your decision if you take the opportunity to read this eBook and use the system it contains.

Important: I strongly encourage you to take a look at what 2 different professional marriage counselors and relationship coaches have to say regarding this system...bear in mind, these people have advanced educations in this very field and are also recognized experts in this field.

Their credentials are expert level and their recommendations speak volumes for the effectiveness of this system.

*Expert level recommendations for this system - PhD testimonials
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If you took my advice and reviewed the "PhD testimonials" page via the link above, you know that this is not guesswork, you know that this is real.

And, if you're truly wanting to decide whether to get a divorce or stay married, this system will help you do just that.

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Looking back, that sunny day in Florida turned out to be one of the best days if not thee best day of my life because the plan that was developed led me to a decision that brought me the happiness I now feel, every day.

And now you can use the same structured plan that I used to re-surge my life to do the very same thing with your life.

The detailed and thought provoking system that worked for me will work for you as well, I guarantee it.

Thanks very much for your time and I wish the best to you during this difficult period in your life,

Karl Augustine



"A Practical Guide To Deciding Whether Or Not To Get A Divorce"



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Dr. Reena Sommer -
Ph.D. in Psychology, Family Studies and Sociology


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