Interview With Mickey Michaels "Divorce and Children"


"If You Have Children, And You Are Staying Married Only Because Of Your Children, Then You Should Read This Page Now..."

About the Interview With Mickey Michaels,
M.A. In Psychology

This interview is in-depth and clearly spells out things you should consider when you're deciding about a divorce and children are a main cause for concern.

If you're truly only staying married only because you have a child or children, then you need to listen to this interview.

Mickey Michaels is a coach and best-selling author of "SUCCESSFUL DIVORCE & SINGLE PARENTING"

Special Note: I'm NOT suggesting you get divorced. I'm suggesting that you decide wisely! This interview along with "A Practical Guide..." will help you make a smart decision if you have children and are deciding about whether or not to get a divorce.

"Here's What You'll Learn from the Exclusive 1 hour 14 minute interview with Mickey Michaels,
M.A. Psychology"

* Have you really tried everything possible to make the marriage work?

*A "Decision Checklist" to help you decide if you've reached the end of the road!

* Should you sacrifice your own happiness for your kids?

*Would it be better for the kids if we stayed together?

*The truth about conflict and how it affects kids.

* "Should I wait until our kids are a certain age before thinking about divorce? "

*Once I've decided divorce is the solution…"What should I do first?"

*What you should say to your spouse.

*How to explain your decision, your reasons, your feelings.

*What is "Joint Commitment" and how is it used to create a positive partnership for the benefit of your kids?

*How to develop a plan for any possible separations.

*Can kids handle reality, or should we try to protect them?

* What do I say to my kids?

*How your own outlook affects kids.

* Is there anything I must NOT say?

*What should I be sure to include in my conversation with my kids?

* How hard should I fight for custody?

* What about economic settlements?

*What about the effect on quality of life for my kids?

And much much more...

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I am recommending your book "A Practical Guide To Deciding Whether Or Not To Get A Divorce" to all my clients."

Dr. Reena Sommer -
Ph.D. in Psychology, Family Studies and Sociology


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