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"A Practical Guide To Deciding Whether Or Not To Get A Divorce"

Hi! Karl Augustine here...

I am glad you are here. That means you take this decision seriously because you'd like to know more about me since I am someone who is certain he can help you through this tough decision.

Remember, the decision is all yours, but I can 100% guaranteed help you reach that decision.

First off, let me say that anyone who knows me knows I am not one to toot my own horn, tell people about all my accomplishments, run on and on about what's going on in my life, etc. But, if I were you I'd want to know a little bit about the author, so, here's a snap shot...

I live in Issaquah WA just 15 minutes from beautiful Seattle with my awesome wife Heather. We moved to Seattle 5 years ago from Orlando Florida...whew, what a change. Seattle is fantastic, couldn't imagine living anywhere else. Uh, except Hawaii possibly.

My hobbies are reading, playing basketball and tennis, and exercising. I'm fairly jovial with a good sense of humor and am very straightforward with things. I lived through 2 ".com" start up companies and loved every minute of it! Afterwards I ran a recruiting business from home for a couple years and now I am a Technical Recruiting Manager for a great company in the Seattle area. So, as you can imagine, my days are fast and furious. I am certainly not a sales type of guy, don't like long winded promotions and things that are fluffed.

I like it simple and I absolutely despise wasted time..

So, what makes me qualified to help you? Great question.

I have been through the tough decision whether or not to get divorced or not. Your situation certainly differs from my past situation because the people involved are different. But, one thing remains true no matter who is involved, the human mind works in similar ways when faced with difficult decisions. Although some might say I am regular guy, those that know me would have a different opinion.

For some reason, I have always been able to help people through their tough times and my first "assessment" of people in situations is usually right on the money. I have a knack and strong understanding of the way people think, and how come to making decisions that can drastically affect their lives.

I haven't always been 100% logical 100% of the time in my 35 years of living, to tell you otherwise would be incorrect. But, I have gone through significant changes in my life that demanded logic and reason rather than emotion sparked by frustration and/or confusion. When I was faced with making the decision to stay married or not, I suffered for a while, then built a failsafe system to decide, it is that simple.

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Here's what I did: I sat down at a friend's house (where I was "living") and thought about the reasons I wasn't making a decision.

  • I soul searched
  • I self reflected
  • I looked hard and long at the situation

After I decided that I needed to make a decision one way or another, I knew things would be different forever. Tough spot to be in, no doubt, but it was a serious emotional lift for me!

It turns out that my indecision was being fostered by "the unknown".

Bottom line: I didn't know how to decide.

Once I realized this, everything changed instantly. So I mapped out a detailed plan of attack which included things I would actually do to illuminate the 3 points bulleted above and bring me to a decision I could be extremely happy with. Guess what?

It worked, and it worked extremely well.

I developed what I call "Action Items" that are more along the lines of 'exercises' (not the 'go to the gym and work out' type of exercises). These 'exercises' will facilitate the process anyone needs to go through to make a decision about whether or not to get a divorce.

I won't go into details but suffice it to say I am now happily married and love it!

Side Note: This book has been read by people who have Ph.D.'s in Psychology and have recommended it to their clients. These folks don't give out testimonials lightly, each one who gave a testimonial has read the book and gave their honest opinion.

The truth is I know I can help you and that's the aim of my book. No gimmicks, no BS, no stories of other people's trial and tribulations...

Just "straight - to - the - point - here's - how - I - did - it - and - you - can - too - real - life - get - it-done - one - way - or - another" steps to take you need in order to make your decision.

So, what else would you like to know about me? I pull no punches, and am a straight shooter, and I really do feel for you if you are wrestling with indecision regarding whether or not you should stay married.

You should read the book, there's no risk on your part.

And, believe me when I tell you this: No divorce counselor in the world, no hypnotist, no therapist, no one anywhere can do this for you. You have to do it. And, you can!

All you need is to have someone help you through the process. Who better to help you do that than someone who has actually done it and done it with grand success?



"A Practical Guide To Deciding Whether Or Not To Get A Divorce"



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"Over 1000 people have used this system to make the decision that made them happy!"

"...there's no "fluff" in your book; just good solid information and direction written in a sensitive and understanding manner.

I am recommending your book "A Practical Guide To Deciding Whether Or Not To Get A Divorce" to all my clients."

Dr. Reena Sommer -
Ph.D. in Psychology, Family Studies and Sociology


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